“Our story began with family tradition, a vision,a passion and true labor of love. I remember as a child always watching my grandfather Andrew Fulchino, who knew how to plant a garden, make wine, lay concrete, repair a house and earn an honest dollar. I recall admiring the simple beauty contained in simple things and wine making was just one of those things.. Some of my fondest memories were of traveling with my grandfather Andrew to the produce center in Everett, MA to pickup grapes fresh in from California to make his wine. Zinfandel was the one I took note of…his favorite. I would watch him make wine with his handcrafted press. I recall the unbelievable smell of the wine cellar and the barrels and to this day those memories have always stuck with me. I was asked in an interview when my wine making vocation began.  I replied that it began before I realized it had begun. It starts very young. Later when I was about 21 I inherited my grandfathers wine press and so began my independent personal journey. While it was always a pleasure to personally enjoy our wine and share it with friends and family it was also a bit of a secret personal desire to witness it to be shared outside my inner circle.

There was one key desire I had in proceeding with this project back in 2006. And that was to make sure that we did every step of every process and that we did not sub any of it out to someone else. That meant planting the vines first….and doing everything it took to bring them and the subsequent fruit to exceptional maturation for wine making. But it did not stop there. No, it was also important to actually build the buildings themselves. So when you see that which has become Fulchino Vineyard is ‘Fulchino’ through and through.

I have come to know many many fine people because of the vineyard and our wine and I am grateful for that gift. Over the years my wife and I have owned and operated several businesses, but our passion has always been with the land… to enjoy the sunshine and to see the vineyard’s creations come to life. Come spend a quiet moment and see and experience for yourself the peace contained in a single silent moment on our little patch of earth. – Al Fulchino – Winemaker and Viturculturist



Angelo Fulchini (Great Great Grandfather)
November 1, 1837 – 1920
WinemakerSalvatore Fulchini
Great Grandfather
WinemakerAndrew Fulchino
WinemakerNovember 30, 1899 – 1982

Al & Susan Fulchino