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Making new memories – both red and white.Al Fulchino of Hollis is capturing time in a bottle. The memories, the tastes and the family tradition of times past have fueled Fulchino’s lifelong passion for wines. His great-great-grandfather Angelo Fulchino made wine in Gesualdo, Italy, and he can remember as a kid going with his grandfather to Everett, Mass,. and buying grapes right off of a train from California. It was an Italian thing. Grandfathers made wine in the basement. Even the government acknowledged and sanctioned the process during Prohibition. Heads of households were allowed to ferment 200 gallons of wine for personal consumption. That was Roosevelt’s concession to get the Italian vote.”I have been making wine since I was 21,” Fulchino says. But three years ago he decided to take the passion into a productive business. He and his wife Susan now run a full-time winery that was just licensed in February. They cultivate and harvest the grapes with help from friends and family. Tastings are offered daily in their recently completed wine production room.”The kids had grown, we decided it was time to take the gamble, do something that we love. I figured there are 1,600 households in Hollis, so I could probably sell 1,600 bottles of wine. People appreciate local products these days.”The couple purchased the Hollis land off of Pine Hill Road in the ’90s and run a small nursery on a corner of the lot. Experience as a grower is beginning to bear real fruit now.In 2007 they planted the first grape vines in the rich, low-lying land that has two feet of rich topsoil – probably a former riverbed. Fulchino claims his wines are all about the terroir, or the characteristics of the land that bestow qualities on the wine. The rich earth holds moisture, limiting the need for irrigation. The dark color of the soil retains heat and his crop can be left on the vine longer. All this leads to sweeter grapes at harvest time.As September wears on, Fulchino tests random grapes for their sugar level with a simple spectral instrument called a refractometer. When the grapes reach low- to mid-twenties brix they are harvested by hand – each type when ready – with help from friend Peter Coppola.Red grapes go into the crusher/de-stemmer while whites go directly into a press. The juice is extracted with a small hand press after fermenting. Large plastic flex tanks that have micro-pores allow the wine to oxygenate while fermenting, reducing the number of times the wine needs to be racked – a process to siphon the wine off the lees or residual yeast at the bottom of the tank.Currently 2 1/2 to 3 acres are planted with 14 different varieties of grapes for a total of 1,400 vines – the largest percentage being red varietals. “I am experimenting with a broader range of types than other New Hampshire wineries,” Fulchino claims. He has tried a few vine types from UC Davis’ Genome Center and other American and Italian vines – which varietal specifically, he will not tell.Fulchino’s red wines taste like variations on a theme, that theme being big and fruity wines with a high alcohol content. You can see the “legs” as you swirl a glass.Fulchino’s biggest wine is one of his Signature Blends, the Cenare, almost a sensory overload. Fulchino says this wine needs a “big” food for a match, something like grilled and seasoned meats. Or it could be sipped for an after-meal enjoyment. Many red wines lose their appeal the day after opening, but probably because of the high alcohol content. His Cenare remains drinkable after a week. It has lost a few high notes, but is still mellow. This characteristic may be perfect for people who want to sip a little wine each evening.The other related wines include the very smooth Mirabella ($30) and Vivace ($30), with spicy notes layered atop the full mellow ripe berry flavors. Each of these are fully developed with soft tannins that don’t need to be tamed with time in the bottle.White wines are in more limited production. It took Fulchino a while to develop a few he liked. And more varieties will be available in September.Fulchino claims the art is in the blending of two to six varietals to create the wine that he enjoys, maybe one reminiscent of his grandfathers’. He says, “I don’t order wine in a restaurant; I only like mine.” He is making wine for people who can’t handle dry wine and prefer a smooth mouth feel with loads of fruit. He adds oak chips or oak staves to achieve the flavor profile he likes. “I blend with artistry and intuition, it’s what makes my wines unique.”Next spring the Fulchinos plan to build a separate tasting room similar to the stucco wine room added this summer, while the back lot offers more acreage to be cultivated. Build it and they will come has never been more true.This June, at the state’s first New Hampshire wine festival held on the grounds of Flaghill Winery, Fulchino found himself at the serving end of a very long line. “People told me they had saved their remaining tickets for our Cenare … Word had gotten around and people were asking for the Big, Bold One. I am tempted to rename it,” he jests.Would Grandpa be proud? I think so. Fulchino honors tradition at every turn. It’s a family operation that remembers its roots and invites all in for a taste of their love, terroir and ancestral history. NH

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April 21, 2014
We went to Fulchino’s vineyard on a whim and it was a great decision.
The wines are completely different from all the other wineries we’ve been to in NH but in a good way.
Each wine had a distinct taste, and even though
I’ve never been a big red wine drinker, I truly enjoyed all the red wines I tasted.
In addition, the decor gives a Tuscan feel, which just adds to the ambiance.
Despite the fact that there was a function going on at the time we arrived,
Al and Susan treated us as though we were family,
and made sure that we had the best experience possible.
My boyfriend and I will definitely be making a return trip to Fulchino’s
to taste the different wines throughout the year.
Macrina and Chris

March 10, 2014
One of the many reasons I love Fulchino Vineyard Zinfandel is it goes with almost any food.
Last night enjoyed Hamburgers with Fulchino beef with Fulchino Zinfandel
and tonight enjoyed it while eating chili.
Thanks Al and Susan.

Christine Bard

Feb 16, 2014
“Ruth & I visited Fulchino Vineyard today and tried their Signature Reds.
The vineyard is located in Hollis, NH and we were astounded that the reds produced
could express a fullness and finish often experienced in the Napa Valley reds.
This winery is a gem, and our hosts, Al and Susan, were most gracious.
It is perhaps our Granite States best kept secret:
the most delicious, full reds that I’ve to date, encountered.”
Joe Doccola, NH


October 15, 2013
We’ve been shopping at Fulchino’s for about 4 months. We originally fell in love with their flowers and then later experienced their wine. We can’t go a week without a bottle. I haven’t tried one that I didn’t thoroughly enjoy. After several visits we learned that they raised and sold grass fed beef. We have been experimenting with our own diet and have not been satisfied with meat from the grocery store. The sirloin from Fulchino’s was the best we’ve ever had! This steak was worthy of an expensive restaurant. I’ve never eaten beef so fresh before. We also tried the ground beef and it was equally outstanding. You don’t need to be an expert chef to cook with meat, it speaks for itself. Just like the wine, the beef is also superior quality.

Katie Kinney

October 7, 2013
My wife and I have recently returned from our trip to Napa and Sonoma Valley in Northern California.
While the wines we tasted are still fresh on our palate, we decided to do a
comparison of the West coast and East coast wines. On Oct. 1, 2013. a beautiful sunny Fall day,
we made the trip over to the Fulchino Vineyard in Hollis, NH.

Al Fulchino welcomed us and started us off on our tasting of nine of his wines.
I was very impressed. I found all these wines to be very pleasing to the palate
and would rank these wines as better than Napa and comparable to Sonoma Valley wines.
The wines were reasonably priced and available for sale at the tasting.
The wine tasting is small and personalized versus the hundreds of people visiting Napa and Sonoma.

It is worth the trip to Hollis to share Al’s passion of making wine.
Save your money on airfare to California
and spend it on quality wines right here in our own backyard!

Bill and Tina Chouramanis


August 31, 2013

I live here in Hollis and finally took the time to stop by Fulchino VIneyards last week.
We met Al and Susan the owners and Susan gave us a full rundown on all the wines and the vineyards. Free samples of their wine made our day! They;ve just completed the patio in front of the winery which overlooks the vineyards. I can see us stopping by after work and having a glass of wine and some cheese on a warm summer evening!
Prices of the wine are very reasonable too! Everyones tastes are different but we really liked a couple of them and bought some. Ahhh…

The winery is still under construction so it will only get better!.

Eric R
Hollis NH

August 17, 2013

Loved this winery! One of my most favorites.
Tasted many wines and bought a bottle of just about all of them! The owners are lovely.
The tasting room/patio is brand new and beautiful.
But just as good was the service and conversation with the owners.
One can tell that family is an important part of who they are.
A thoroughly enjoyable experience.
I will bring all my friends back for a day trip. I look forward to it .

S Gill
North Haven

Visited July 2013
August 13, 2013

Al Fulchino is running an absolutely amazing vineyard and producing some top-notch wines.
A little bit of a drive away from our home of Boston but so worth it.
He uses all local ingredients and grows thousands of grape varieties – meaning he has
quite a well-rounded variety to sample for free at the tasting room.
He’s very happy to talk to you about the wine regardless of how much you do or don’t know already.
And beyond that, the wines really are excellent.

Lily B
Cambridge, Ma

August 12, 2013

i stumbled on to a great find Fulchino Vinyard is fabulous. The family that run this vineyard
are so knowledgeable about there wines. I wil tell you I make my own wine
and it was great talking to somebody about the process.
i am sure you will find a great wine either red or white.
i have visited a few other vineyards so far this was the best.

Ralph P.
Boston Ma.


June 2, 2013

What a nice find, we were just driving by didn’t even know there was a winery in Hollis .
Owner was so nice, tasting was delicious, can’t wait to visit again.

Betty M
Nashua, NH


August 21, 2013

Hi Al, I just wanted to thank you for the opportunity to experience
the tasting of your fine wines that was the by far the best wine tasting
that I have went to from Rhode Island to Hollis NH. Keep up the great work again thanks.
Your friends from Boston Art Brown


August 7, 2013

Just wanted to thank you for the super tasting over the weekend, get on your mailing list,
and let you know I/we would love to help with the harvest of your grapes if you would care to e-mail me
when it’s time to pick, and the timing is right.
You folks do an over the top job!!!

Charlie & Pattie B.


“My wife and I recently visited the winery and were amazed at the excellent wines here.
We have been to California multiple times, Canada wine country, and Washington state
and have never been to a winery that every wine we tasted was superb!
We wanted to buy everything!
Can’t wait to get our wine delivery back home in Louisiana!

Johnny Doucet


August 6, 2013

“Last week, I enjoyed a bottle of your Classico wine. It was delicious!
In fact I wish I had a bottomless wine bottle! Of course this prompted me to make
another visit to your vineyard this past weekend for more.
The new building looks amazing…just like a Tuscan villa from the road looking across the vineyard!
As always, I had fun visiting and tasting the wine and leaving with more great wines
to enjoy another day. I appreciate your hospitality and your wine creations.
Keep them coming!


We happened upon this wonderful little winery yesterday,
we had a great time sitting outside in the sunshine with another couple who were there.
Al & Susan were the perfect hosts, they take great pride in their wines and
Al was nice enough to take the time to show us the vineyard and explain the different varieties he uses.
Absolutely perfect day,
we are so glad we saw your sign & turned around to visit you!!!

Templeton Ma


May 26, 2013

I visited the winery today and I had the most amazing experience!!
I have gone to wine tastings before and liked a few of the wines,
but i loved (or at least liked) every single wine i tasted!!
There is a new building being built, and I can not wait to see it!!
I loved the home-like feel to everything as well!
It is nice to see a small town vineyard like this, and I had to say I had a blast!!
The owner was SUPER nice and I had a great time!!
I can’t wait to bring family and friends back!!
Thank you for such a good time!!

Carley E.

May 23, 2013

‘What a treasure we found last weekend in New Hampshire.
” After going to quite a few wineries in the past few years,
we finally found the one that has it all
– from the best tasting wines, to the ambiance and
to the winemaker, himself.
Thank you so much Al for sharing your delicious wines and
telling us all about your vineyard and what goes into creating such great wines.

Thank you again so much,’

Linda A.

P.S. Hope to stop by again in the near future.


May 22, 2013

Enjoyed the most amazing hamburger meat tonight from Fulchino Vineyard .
Mid-rare hamburgers with a buttered bun paired with a bottle of
Fulchino Vineyard ‘Cenare’ red. Best meal of the month.
Thanks Al!

Jeremy Bisbo
Nashua, NH


May 20, 2013

“[Mirabella] by far the best wine I have EVER tasted;
everyone NEEDS to go buy at least one bottle of this, if not more!!!”

Rachel T.
May 5, 2013

“Amazing.. best wine I’ve ever had”

Mia A.



April 9, 2013

Wanted to thank you for hosting my wife and I at your winery last Friday the 19th of April 2013.
Although it was a bit windy and the sun was bashful at times,
the temperature was ideal for tasting wine in an outdoor setting.
Tried your “La Vita” with it’s distinctive lemony taste but settled on a bottle
of your next offering the “La Dolce Vita”, an extremely tasty, smooth white wine.
Next, you brought out a few of your red selections.
I remember saying that I did not particularly like red wines
but my wife was interested and so we both tried what was offered.
I could not believe I was tasting “reds”. My first reaction was to say “Wow”.
I found it hard to believe I could actually enjoy red wine.
Since my wife had a different selection, I reached over and
took a small sip from her glass and again my taste buds came alive with delight.
I am totally clueless with regards to wines but
I must tell you that your products are some of the best reds and whites I’ve ever tasted!

As I said to you before leaving, “I will have no problem offering your fine wines to friends or family”.
Can’t wait to hear their unsolicited comments!

We do plan on visiting your winery again in the near future.

Warm regards,

A. B. Pelham N.H.


Over the last year or two, my wife and I have taken to traveling a bit more throughout New England in general.

As part of this, we began exploring the many Vineyards in the area. While there are a surprising number of them, the quantity and quality of the wines does vary a great deal.

Our primary determination on their quality rests upon simple logic. Would we be willing to make the trip back to a specific vineyard, merely to get a bottle of one vintage or another?

Additionally, my wife’s parents appreciate wine a great deal, and we are always looking for a bottle or two to bring with us when we visit.

This last weekend, a friend of ours Dave, came to visit from Connecticut, and joined us on a trek from Springfield, MA up to New Hampshire.

While we visited three separate locations, one stood out from the pack for me.

Located in Hollis, New Hampshire, only a short distance from Nashua, was Fulchino Vinyard.

Unlike some vineyards we have visited, Fulchino’s was unpretentious. They are focused on the wine, and the land.

We were greeted warmly by the owner, Al Fulchino, and were given a tour of the new tasting building that he designed. I can see in my minds eye the finished product, and the beautiful view. A stucco building in the Tuscan style, with a patio overlooking the vineyard itself.

His wife Susan guided us through a tasting of many of their wines, giving background, and food suggestions for each.

They have made over two dozen wines. We chose two of their signature vintages, Maribella and Cenare, along with one which honors their town, Hollis Vino.

The wines are wonderful, and complex. While the descriptions they provide on the wines are correct, words alone cannot do them justice. The wines body and flavor simply must be experienced to truly appreciate them.

We will be going back, both to restock our supply, but also to purchase a gift for my wife’s parents, so that they too can enjoy.

Robert Chartier
Springfield Ma


April 8, 2013

I just had to drop a line after the visit we had yesterday. A couple of good friends asked me to come along with them on one of the new things they have been spending some of their free time doing, visiting vineyards, checking out distilleries and meaderies, and tasting wine, mead and liquors. I have never done this and, up until now, have been an indifferent wine and mead drinker. We stopped at a couple of places to taste mead and wines, and were having a nice time. The last place on our list to go that afternoon was Fulchino Vineyard.

We drove down some unassuming roads, and into some farm country, and finally ran across the vineyard. I almost missed it! I am so glad I didn’t. Though it was getting late in the day, Al met us as we walked up, and showed us to the new tasting building he is putting up. I can’t wait to see it when it’s done, lots of stone for the floor, beautiful wood doors with ironwork, arches and artistic copper ceiling tiles! It will definitely be a beautiful addition to enjoy!

After a tour and learning a bit about the kinds of grapes grown, and types of wines they made, we got down to some tasting. If I remember correctly there were 12 or 14 different bottles of wines available to taste. We learned that the vineyard produces some 25 varieties of wines, and if we were to visit again later in the year, several more would become available to try as they were ready.

Let me say, I will definitely be back to try those others. For someone like me, who has enjoyed wine, but never had much knowledge about them, this was an eye-opener. These were some of the smoothest, subtle and complex tasting wines I have had the privilege of drinking! Susan suggested taking a taste, then letting it sit on your tongue for 6-10 seconds before swallowing, in order to experience all the different tastes each wine had to offer. I cannot begin to describe the myriad of wonderful flavors each of these wines contain! I was immediately hooked!

We tasted several wines, and talked about cooking tips, recipes, which wines go well with different foods, and so one. We were all having quote a good time! In the end, I decided on the Mirabella, Provence, and Classico wines for my first purchase, though it was a difficult choice! There were several others i wanted to bring home as well, but will have to wait for another trip, though it was tough to leave the Cenare behind!

For anyone who is looking for fantastic wines, nice people who are friendly and obviously put their love of wine into it making, they should visit Fulchino. I came up from central Connecticut, and though It is out of the way and off the beaten path, it was SO worth every mile to experience these wines, and Al and Susan for their open and friendly manner. It felt less like a trip to taste and buy wine, and more like a visit to a friends place for conversation and a glass or two to enjoy.

Now if I could only find a way to get these wines in CT… But maybe that isn’t important. The drive and feel of Fulchino when you get there is part of the experience. Rest assured, I will be back for more!

David S.
Meriden, CT


April 7, 2013
I just want to let you know of how much we enjoyed our visit to your winery yesterday. As I said then there was nothing that we tasted that we did not like. We were very pleased wih your selection. We look forward to a return visit and will be checking out the progress on the new building.When we got home last evening dinner was enjoyed with your classico. As we mentioned we do not have facebook accounts but here is an email as you mentioned that you do send out notices of upcoming events and releases. Please include us in these emails. Thank you again for a wonderful experience.
Wayne and Linda K Massachusetts

Harvest Time At Fulchino’s Vineyard
Jessica D Merrimack NH

October 2012

It was a comfortable over cast Saturday morning. The sun still hasn’t found her bright and cheery way through the clouds. The vineyard was still lightly damp with dew and on that August morning. The grapes sang the sweet song of harvest time. Due to the hot dry summer the fruit’s sugar numbers had been soaring above their normal August numbers.

Amongst the early morning mummers of the birds and the bugs, the buzz of the morning chatter from the early rising pickers, who had gather outside of the new tasting room which is well on its way to inviting its first guest into sip the delicious nectar from the grapes the rest in front of it, could be heard. They grouped together for the opportunity to harvest the first grapes of the season. Some were first time pickers, having only enjoyed the taste of wine, but never the thrill of the harvest labor. While other were return pickers ready to dirty their knees and work the cores in hopes of enjoying the delicious wine all the sooner.

Al Fulchino, owner and lead farmer of the vineyard, led the way by handing out grape-razors to the group and pointing out which rows of grapes to start picking from. The group headed off into the vineyard to begin their morning adventure. As they pick and grab a small taste here and there, they share stories and small talk as the morning flew by quickly. The pickers learn the best position to crouch down in and the best placement of the bucket to prevent too much bending and shifting while still getting the grapes into the bucket.

Soon the sun pokes her pretty little head out to see what’s going on down in the vineyard and the temps in the field rose quickly. The group, after picking for a steady 4 hours, disengaged from the work to take a short break. Knees were dusted off and hands were washed as samples of fresh squeezed grape juice were passed around for tasting. The juice was sweet and earthy. Purer and more natural tasting then any purchased juice ever could be. The liquid was delicious and refreshing after the fun but hard work. The decision was made to pick one more row before lunch came. So the group eager went back to work picking and tasting. Chatting and bonding, over fresh picked fruit which would one day soon be a staple for each picker to savor in after a long day.

When the row was picked over, lunch was served with wine to compliment the food. No food or wine ever tasted better than that served after a hard morning of work.

Fulchino’s wine is not your typical New Hampshire winery. While there are many great wineries found in New Hampshire, this winery offer something different in its complex flavors and the rich character of the wines. Every sip is an experience and should be savored and not gulped up. The family; Al, his wife Susan, their children and even the honorary wine guy, Pete, are often around and invite everyone into taste their wines as well as enjoy their nursery. They make sure everyone feels like another member of the family sharing stories about the wine, the harvest and the construction of the new tasting room!

I hope everyone has a chance to visit Fulchino’s to taste the wine and appreciate the wonder of the great little vineyard in Hollis! Check them out on facebook!

Sept 28, 2012

Amazingly delicious wines!
Once you try the Fulchino collection, you will be spoiled.
Just about anything you thought you really liked in the past will be just that
… the wines of your past life!
Jeff O’Hora

Sept. 26, 2012
thank you Ralph for this email:

We had a wonderful visit at your vineyard, probably one of the best we have encountered. It is so nice to actually have the tour and tasting with the vinter, who obviously has a deep passion and pride for his product. We almost felt that we were leaving with your children when we took our wine. The open discussion of your artistry, such as using natural, local, wild yeasts and stopping fermentation for a unique product, was so very insightful, refreshing and enjoyable.
Thanks for an A-1 experience, one we hope to do on a regular basis!

Ralph M.
Harpswell, Maine

Sept 2, 2012

FB friends in New England who love wine: Fulchino Vineyard’s wine is a must experience.
They are an easy drive off of NH Rt 3 (exit 6 in Nashua) in Hollis, NH.
Not your typical, more limited Northern wine selection thanks to great growing conditions.
You aren’t going to just find bottles in the package store, so go visit!

Katie S.
Sept 1, 2012

The Signature Blend is absolutely delicious!
Andrew H.
Sept 1, 2012

We spent a perfect morning at Fulchino today helping to harvest those indubitably fantastic, phenomenal grapes that make our mouths crave the effervescence of the vinos that Al and Susan produce with such loving care. This propels us back to Italy, sharing the same experiences with our family continuing a harvest that has existed through time and memorial. Our thanks to you both for allowing us to share this with you.
Rebecca W.

August 20, 2012

Thanks for making my first wine tasting an awesome experience!
Loved all of the wines I tasted! 🙂

Michelle M.
Chelmsford Ma.


August 21, 2012

We had a family reunion in Western Mass this past weekend.
I brought a bottle of Sangiovese for my Italian aunt to try.
She immediately fell in love with the label. She thought it was beautiful.
She is someone who will tell you exactly what she is thinking.
She asked me to pass along
that “the wine is comparable to or even better than some of the sangiovese I have had in Italy.”
She can tell a lot of love goes into the bottle.
She told me she loves wine with a black cherry presence so I can’t wait to get her a bottle of Hollis Vino.
I will definately be bringing her to visit when her and my uncle come east.
I gave her the rest of the bottle
after all the tastings and she said she would be displaying it after she was finished with the wine.
Terry F.

August 18, 2012

“Fulchino wines can hold a glass to the big west coast wine producers,
I actually feel that Fulchino’s glass sits higher than most.
Fulchino Vineyard is a wonderful place to visit,
Al and Susan Fulchino are knowledgeable and a joy to meet.
I highly recommend visiting Fulchino Vineyards and adding class to your meal
with a bottle or two.”
Rebecca W.


August 11, 2012
a recent winery/vineyard review :

“My husband and I were visiting my brother and his family in Hollis, NH.
One of our newest hobbies is visiting local wineries. We are from Lancaster, Pa and
recently discovered the abundance of local Pa wineries
and have visited about 30 of these family owned business.
Although we are not wine connoisseurs, we can surely tell a good wine!
To our delight, when my brother and family went off to church Sunday, Aug 5,
we snuck off to Fulchino’s Vineyard.
Fulchino’s has to be one of the finest wineries we have experienced.
The Host was most accommodating, an educator, and proud of his craft.
He did not restrict us to only 3-4 choices and every wine was enjoyable!.
All had such a wonderful full bodied taste,
and a few, you would think you were sitting and sipping at an Italian Villa!
We have a wedding to attend this fall in Mass. but we are intentionally going to my brothers
to introduce him to his backyard winery and for us to pick up and stock up,
as not one Pa winery can compare to this Man’s craft!
Thank you! ”

Cheryl F ,


August 1, 2012
was very thankful to have received this wine review from the actual wine chemist
at a very well known Napa Valley Vineyard and Winery….
(email excerpt and slightly shortened):
“Hello Al and Susan,
It was certainly our pleasure to taste your delicious wines last week,
with our friends Gary and Yvonne _____ of Hollis.
I hope you also enjoyed our
[wine and winery name] , which is a 100% Cab. Sav. ………..
It is a Napa Valley treasure in my mind.

The Fulchino Sangiovese was clearly one of the most pleasing domestic wines
I have tasted from that particular varietal.
The wine had terrific length and depth across the palate,
very rich, and nicely balanced with fruit and acid. …………
I personally characterize SangioV as more of a wine that marries well with food, but yours
is clearly a wine that can be delightful by the glass on its own, as well with with food.
Congratulations on finding this balance and hitting the mark on this wine.

I look forward to visiting your winery again.
You are doing terrific things in New Hampshire for the wine industry.
Keep up the passion.


Rich D.”


July 30, 2012

I just want to take a moment to pay tribute to Al & Susan.
Over a year ago my husband Dennis and I made our first visit to the vineyard.
We did not know what to expect.
We ended up finding the most wonderful wines we have ever tasted.
Many firsts for us have come from that visit.
For the first time we paid $30 for a bottle of wine.
I would never have considered doing that before trying Fulchino wine.
We have several signature blends now and feel it is worth every penny!
We bought our first case of wine.

We love the Zinfandel so much
we wanted to make sure we had enough to carry us thru the year.
We have never bought that much wine at one time before.
Today we purchased a case of Hollis Vino.
Having this investment we decided to purchase 2 12 bottle wine fridges.
We could now fill 2 more!!
It was very important to us to make sure the wine was stored properly. I have told all my friends about the wines and bring as many as possible to the vineyard.

I believe the hard work, pride and love
Al & Susan put into their wine is what makes it so incredible!!

Terry Fryer,


July 18th
I never expect these types of emails or comments that come in, but i also greatly value them….thank you.

“It It was fabulous to taste your wines today. We enjoyed both the wines and meeting the makers of the wine. You both took the time to explain your process. We didn’t feel like we were being rushed out the door. WOW is a great way to describe your wines. To me WOW meant Wines OF Wonder. Each wine was unique and you enter into a wonderful place on each sip. We would love to be on your email list. We hope to make another visit in the future. In the mean time we have 3 of your fine wines to enjoy.

Thank you again. Keep making wonderful wine. WOW”



July 15, 2012
Just wanted to let you know that the La Prima Frutta was a fabulous pairing with our Tacos tonight. Made with NH grass fed beef and fresh veggies, (some from my garden), and topped with fire roasted chipoltle salsa! The La Prima Frutta was up to the challenge and complimented all the flavors of the tacos while holding it’s own distinct flavor apart from them.



April 3, 2012

“Hi, I am not sure if you remember me, but I have visited the tasting room twice with
my girl from New Mexico (home of the Isotopes as you know). Cenare is all we talk about.
We can’t drink anything else! I hope to visit again this Spring…..Your wine is the best
in the world at any price. Your winery is a New Hampshire treasure.”

Robert B

March, 8, 2012

“I will stand by this wine [Fulchino Vineyard Zinfandel] as the best in the world until the end of time!”

Jillian B.

St Jospeh, Me.

Nov 2, 2011
Bought a bottle of La Dolce Vita up at Harvest yesterday. Opened it last night at about 50-55 degrees, tried it again today after 24 hours in the fridge. Still deliciously sweet, but more pear at warmer temps, and MUCH more citrus (grapefruit?) when chilled. Well done!

Chris B


October 16, 2011
“…I also have some VERY exciting news to share with you! _________ and I
got engaged this weekend! The weekend has been great and we are feeling so blessed
with the outpouring of love we have received from our family and friends!
We celebrated with a bottle of your wine, so we felt it was only appropriate
that we shared the news with you….”
Karen C


October 8, 2011

“….We also had the Provence. It was awesome… A wonderful every day wine, different from the Signatures such as the Vivace which took us all day to drink. We enjoyed that with my mom, and she said it was one of her favorites of yours….”


October 10, 2011

This email is a long time overdue but still I want to share my expirence….

I went to the NH Wine Festival and it was my first time going to a function like that. We were in line with our 10 tickets and ready for an adventure. I dont really know much about wines. I have tried a few over the years that I like and stick to them and since I hadnt been to a wine festival I really didnt know what to expect. It was a HOT day with a large crowd as we entered the building where the wine places had set up their tasting and displays. I went to the first place and made the usual face of disappointment, not saying their wine was bad it just wasnt for me. We ventured on thru the building talking with the staff about wines and what I might like and sampled a few more different places wines and then something made me wonder, of these few wines I had tried the lines were relatively short and the wine wasnt very imppressive but then I noticed this long line and firgured maybe I would wait and try this wine brand. my friend and I switched off so I could try the Cabot Cheese display. Keep in mind it was very hot in this building and a large crowd…both I am not a fan of…as the time ticked on the line was finally starting to move. I was given the brochure for what wines were on the table that was slowing coming into sight. It was finally my turn and as I approched the table there was an older gentleman that asked me what I wanted to try, after a conversation and keep in mind I am down to 2 tickets, I sampled the Tutti De Rossi by Fulchino Vineyard and I was in Heavan thinking that it was a fantastic wine at the same time I was glad I stood in line for the 45 minutes to be able to sample such a wonderful wine. I kept the brochure about the different wines that had lots of information about the vineyard and other wines that made and sold. I used up my last ticket on another ok but nothing special wine at one of the tables as we left the building. I was a fun expirence and I look forward to attending one of these festivals again. I kept thinking about how nice the gentleman was and how I really enjoyed the sample of their wine. a few days later I was cleaning out my purse and found some of the brochures and such I had picked up from the festival. I wasnt impressed with too many of the places but I was curious about Fulchino Vineyard. On our way to Boston for Labor Day Weekend I made a detour and went to Fulchino Vineyard, my friend liking different wines than I do, we drove into the small cute place, wasnt what I had pictured but dont let that fool you. We saw a man working on a tractor, he greated us at the door and explained his plans for a new building. Upon entering the building my friend and I were a little skeptical but the man was nice, sorry I have forgotten your name! He explained all of the wines he had for tasing, what went with what kind of meals and to eat a cheezit before trying the next wine and let the wine stay in your mouth a few seconds, I am sure we tried at least 6 wines. Some werent for me but my friend enjoyed those ones and we both liked a couple of them. After a fabulous time chatting, tasting the wine, buying six bottles of wine, one was the original reason I wanted to visit the Vineyard, I had to have a bottle of the Tutto De Rossi and a TShirt later and after my friend had bought numerous wines, we were on our way to Boston. It was an enjoyable expirence. It was over an hour to get there from where I live but worth the trip. I explained this little story to the gentleman. I just wanted you to know of all the winery and vineyards there were at the festival, FULCHINIO VINEYARD was the only place I wanted to try and so glad I went.

Thank you for a fabulous wine and an enjoyable expirence.

Of course I hope to return before you close for the winter as I need some of my favorite wine and I am going to buy some wines for Christmas presents.

See you soon! Thanks again 🙂

Stephanie C.


July 3, 2011
We just returned from Fulchino Winery and after visiting several local wineries, I have to say this was the best. Every wine we tasted was wonderful. Rich, fullbodied… – I cannot say enough about them. This is a winery that we will be going to for many years to come.

Wendy and Bill


Just a note to tell you how much I like your Sangiovese wine.
We were the couple from Hingham, MA that purchased two bottles on Sunday.
You run a very nice operation.

L. D.


June 6, 2011

I am on a quest to introduce every one of my friends to your wine so that they will get the chance to fall in love with the best red wines I have ever tasted. No choice is a bad one. Each one of your wines stands on it’s own. The signature blends are an incredible taste sensation. The 3 have their own personalities. It is impossible to choose a favorite because I love each one for different reasons. The Zinfandel is like heaven in your mouth. It is such a rich incredible taste. The chocolate undertones make it seem to melt over your tongue. You tell us to “hold the wine in your mouth, breathe in through your month and then out your nose. The wine will reveal it’s self. It will tell you all about it’s self.” They have a lot to tell and I really enjoy listening!!!! Thank you for all the time you spend with your customers. You elevate the experience to an even higher level with your passion and love for wine making. Thank you once again!!

Terry F.

This next one is in regards to our CLASSICO table wine.
The blend I developed to celebrate 30 years of winemaking…
– Al Fulchino

“Oh My Goodness, I do not know if I have ever been so impressed by a wine!
I was prepared for it to be different from your signature blends since you had told me it was more like a classic pinot noir. Well it was nothing like a classic pinot noir, it was better! As I’ve said with all of your wines, to me, there is no comparison. My thoughts on the classico are that unlike your signature blends, which I find to be richer and more of a wine I want to sip slowly and enjoy throughout an entire night, it’s more of an everyday wine. That said, it is hands down the best everyday wine I have ever tasted. It’s not quite as rich as the signature blends which is why I consider it an everyday wine, but it bursts of flavors of fruit and spice that are so well balanced! I am torn… I cannot decide if it is my favorite but it is VERY close to it!

We are hoping you would be willing to put 3 more bottles of the Classico aside when you have bottled and labeled it. Also, if you can put aside another zin and a bottle of the new mirabella I keep reading about that would be fantastic! We are planning a trip to NH at the end of July and are also trying to make it up there for the wine festival if I can get off of work!

I hope you have a fantastic holiday weekend! Thanks again for everything
you’ve done to allow us to enjoy your wines!”

All the best,
New Jersey

Here are some reviews that have come in this weekend regarding one of our two Zinfandels, This one being the “thick” one!


Jillian Bolanz from The WineKey Blog had this to say about our latest zin
“…I just had the best Zinfandel of my life from a diamond in the rough winery in Hollis NH… Fulchino Vineyard omg #amazing…”
WineKey Blog

“Had a great time Al……thanks so much! Had a bottle of Zinfandel last night…..amazing!”
Gail F.

“Your Zinfandel completely changed my perception
and attitude about that varietal – keep up the great work!”
Chris B. NH


“We just sat down and cracked open a bottle of your Mirabella,
and can’t help to think of the day we were just driving down a road in Hollis and saw a sign
on the side of the road directing us to your vineyard. One of the things we like to do when we travel is visit small vineyards and what a surprise it was to find that our favorite vineyard is located only 9 miles from where we live!! Every visit to your vineyard is a real treat!! We are always exited to try your new wines!!

We love all of the wines you produce!! The Cenare, the Vivace, the Zinfandel, the Classico,
and the peach just to name a few….. but the Mirabella has got to be our our #1 wine!!
The Mirabella is very special!! Full bodied, sweet, and sooo incredibly smooth!!
The best way to describe it? Somewhere between a Port and a full bodied dry red.
It has just the right amount of sweetness. We’ve enjoyed it with a variety of foods… goes great with steak, lamb or any red meat and we’ve also enjoyed it on it’s own!
You’ve told us that Mirabella is one of those wines that can be enjoyed for quite some time
after the bottle has been opened, but quite frankly, there’s never been any leftovers so
we can’t comment on that!! That’s how easy it is to drink!! 🙂

Your wines are so special, and so different from anything you get elsewhere and
we look so very forward to every visit!! We also make sure we tell everyone we know that
we got our Vino at Fulchino!!

Wishing you continued success!!! See you real soon!!!”

Rita & John


This next one is from someone who has purchased several of our wines:

“I have to tell you that when I drink your wine and close my eyes,
it’s almost as if, I’m transported to a beautiful warm day in sunny Italy,
sitting in a vineyard immersed in the lovely scent of grapes.
It is so nice to just sit and sip your wine and just kick back and relax.
I took a bottle of Mirabella over to my neighbor’s house
this past weekend and she adored it.
She has been a wine drinker for a very long time and
told me that it is by far the best wine she has ever had the pleasure to taste.
I’m attending a few parties this weekend
and plan on bringing along a few bottles for my self and others to try.
I will make sure to tell everyone that tastes and loves it (as I know everyone will)
that” I got my Vino at Fulchino’s”.
You have officially made me a wine drinker and
I will drink no other wine but yours. I am Fulchino Fancier!”
Thank you,
C. M.


“Hi Al, Friends asked me if I wanted to go visit a winery with them in NH.
I was a bit apprehensive because I am not a big wine drinker
but I was pleasantly surprised!
Fulchino’s wine is by far the best wine
that I have ever had the pleasure of tasting.
Everyone in my family was blown away
by the wonderful favor of this wine.
My sister is also not big drinker and absolutely
does not drink wine
but loved the Zinfandel and Peach,
she practically polished off both bottles herself!
Thank you so much for your wonderful hospitality.
I’ve finally found a wine I enjoy drinking.”
Liz M.


A New Review!
for our
( sold out but we are now looking forward to the new 2010 vintage)

Hi Al. Last night the family gathered here for a birthday dinner celebration
for our 12 year old granddaughter. My daughter, Michelle brought a bottle of wine that she had
to share and I had some Chardonnay which was given to me
by a friend, so we opened the Chardonnay, which neither of us liked, then the other bottle,
which was a Riesling from the same vineyard. Not excited about this one either.
Was getting really discouraged about our wine choices
for the evening when Mindy arrived with a bottle of Fulchino Hollis Vino!
Evening saved! Don’t know why I even bother with the others!
Thanks for making such fabulous wine.
Hope all is well. See you soon! P.S. Love the new Zinfandel label. :))

New Hampshire
March 6, 2011


Below is perhaps one of the most humbling of the many emails that I receive.
I never really knew what I was getting into when I began the vineyard…
… now I appreciate it even more. (Read below)
– Al Fulchino

February 7, 2011

Hi Al,

I hope this email finds you doing well. I have been to visit your tasting room a few times
over the past months, and sadly, we are about to run out of our stocked Fulchino wines!
My boyfriend and I have savored every bottle we bought in the times that we came to visit you!

I cannot describe how much we love your wine, and the experiences
we had with you at the tasting room. It was the highlight of our trip from NJ…

I am hoping you might be able to give us a little bit of insight on when
you think your wines from your 2010 vintage might be ready for tasting and purchasing.
We are hoping to make another trip up to visit my family again soon,
but selfishly we are trying to plan the trip around when your wines are ready
so that we can restock. Since it’s a five hour trip, and requires some planning
around our work schedules, I thought emailing you ahead of time to
get some information may help us out.

When you have the opportunity, any information you can provide would be great
and so very appreciated! We cannot wait to try to the new stuff, and hopefully taste some whites…
By the time we found you last year, you were sold out of your whites!

Thanks again! Can’t wait to hear back from you!

All the best,

Karen Cote
New Jersey


January 10, 2011

Note: Lot’s of times our 3rd Signature Blend gets lost in the mix,but for some people
Vivace is tops…personally, I love it for before and after dinner
and its absolutely outstanding with grilled meats in the summer especially…
This is one of the reviews on Vivace –

“I’ve never tasted a full bodied wine so refined before. It is the most pleasing wine I’ve
ever had the pleasure consuming. I’ve not found another like it anywhere.
It is my favorite wine by a large margin, period! Try it and see for yourself”


Vice President/General Manager
Lowell Spinners
Class A Affiliate to the Boston Red Sox


January 4, 2011

“Fulchino wine is the BEST wine ever!! My husband and I just recently made
our second drive up to New Hampshire from Rhode Island.
Yes, we drive the whole way from Rhode Island
just to get this wine. We would drive further if we had to.
Recently, we took some of our Fulchino Mirabella wine home for the holidays.
Everyone loved it! They are all waiting impatiently for the new wines
to be released in the spring. I’m sure that when they are released
we will be in New Hampshire to buy another case.
I would recommend this wine to everyone,
even people who don’t typically drink wine.
Fulchino has a wine to match every taste palate.
You won’t leave without finding something that you love.
Fulchino is well worth the drive.”

Liz and Rob,
Rhode Island


December 7, 2010

My Husband Steve and I stumbled upon Fulchino Vineyard one day while driving
through beautiful Hollis NH. Imagine a little piece of Tuscany in our own back yard.
Naturally we couldn’t help but stop and try a sample. Al and His wife Sue couldn’t
have been more hospitable.

However, I was a little concerned on how the sulfites might affect me, since this has been
an unfortunate issue with me and the majority of wines I’ve tried. To my pleasant surprise
I discovered having a low tolerance to sulfite is no problem for the head when it comes to
drinking Fulchino’s home made wine. It’s wonderful to be able to enjoy the delectable flavor
of their wines and not have to worry about getting a headache.

Our personal favorite is the Cenare served with dinner. To end a great meal try the Seta
dessert wine believe me you won’t need to consume any other dessert after drinking in
the ultimate sweetness of this wine. It is the dessert.

Savoring the full embodiment flavor of Fulchino’s wines is nothing short of a heavenly dance
upon your palette. We are so glad we discovered this wonderful little Vineyard and we hope
you’ll enjoy it just as much as we do.
Happy tasting and Salute!!

Bea Testa
New Hampshire


November 23, 2010

Fulchino [Vineyard] Peach Wine is a warm, inviting dessert wine.
Prepare for an explosion of ripe, juicy peach flavor with a luxurious,
satiny smooth mouth feel and a nice …spicy finish.

Louanne Tulip Witty
Wine Connoisseur
New Hampshire

March 15, 2009

I must admit I was reluctant because this wine was just made in the fall of 2008. I am used to having red wines that need to age a year minimum to even be considered for drinking. On popping the cork I was hit in the face with a wonderful mixture of fruitiness melded with a good dose of alcohol. This is a very full bodied wine coming it at over 16% ABV, bordering on the realm of a port. I had to put my nose to the bottle. What a wonderous blend! Way too many aromas emitting from that bottle to try to sort out yet just with a smell. I poured a couple fingers out in a good big glass to let it breathe well. The color is great. A wonderful deep maroon color tells you this one is going to be all there. This isn’t going to be a wimpy little Chablis or even a Pinot. Oh no, you can tell there is much more here just by the sight. Swirling the glass around gently to release its jammy goodness,
I note how it clings mightily to the edges. Wonderous. Lifting the glass to my nose I draw it near. Whoa Nelly!

This is one fruity, jammy wonderful wine with enough alcohol to power the old Edsel. The fruitiness isn’t going to be outdone though by that high octane. The main aroma detected by me is Black Currant, followed by Black Cherry and a good smidgen of just plain nice old grape- not foxy grape but the full deep bodied grapes of California- reminiscent of a quality raisin.

It is time. I must put this to my lips. Yes, the alcohol is there at the front, but the grapes aren’t to be overshadowed. I’m instantly hit with tremendous Black Currant. Nice.Black cherries quickly follow accompanied by just a hint of licorice. This wine tastes sweet but I know it is dry- Wow. I want to savor it on the tongue all day. The flavors just don’t subside. This wine has so much body I just want to chew on it. The jammy, raisiny goodness reminds me of a nice amarone. I’m not sure if I should be drinking this or cutting it with a knife and eating.

The tannins are there in just the right amounts to balance out the perceived sweetness. This is a wonderous masterpiece of a blend which will be long sought after by all. If you are lucky enough to get one of these wines you are in for a real treat. Enjoy heartily!

Richard Lamoy
Winemaker and Vineyard Owner

I could not take staring at the bottle of wine (2010 Cenare) that I got from you any longer, so lastnight I opened it andhad a glass before and during supper.I’m not great at words, but I will try to describe what I thought of this wine.

After opening the bottle and pouring some into a glass the first thing that jumped out at me was it’s awesome color. Next I swirled it and took in the aromas coming from the glass. ” WOW ” before I had even tasted it the aromas coming from that glass told me ( this is going to be good ) upon tasting the wine I knew my senses had not failed me. It was great!!! I have not tasted a red wine ( to date ) that has as much flavor as this wine has. This wine has it all great color, wonderful aromas, very nice mouthfeel, excellent flavors.

NICE JOB. You have a wine that you should be mighty proud of .

Wine Connoisseur

I opened a bottle of Fulchino Vineyard Signature Blend today and I’ll be surprised if this wine does not have Black Currants in the blend! My bottle says 16.3% abv and I do find that hard to believe as I didn’t taste much alcohol at all in my bottle although two glasses did catch me noticing the alcohol! This wine is chock full of Black Currant flavor and extremely fruity and some may not like that but I say yahoo to that!

There is body galore in every glass and legs that just stay right at the ridge of the glass until the next sip is taken. This is a wine that just doesn’t ever leave your taste buds but just gets refreshed by the next sip. This wine is clearly standing out and jumping out at you with a real fruit flavor and it stays around for quite some time.

It is very different from any other wine I have had from a store or from a wine maker and I feel privileged to have this bottle in front of me.
Congrats on a spectacular wine .

Wade Evans
Wine Connoisseur